The Viana Exclusive Experience
Helping you find the right one

The Viana Exclusive Experience
Helping you find the right one.

Have you been spending time, energy &
resources with no success? Look no further!

We save you time

As a busy professional, entrepreneur or executive, your time is very valuable to you. Thinking of outsourcing matters to your heart can be very time consuming. If you have to use other online sources, where you will have to spend time browsing the net, creating your own profile and setting your own dates could end up being frustrating. At Viana, we basically do the leg work for our clients and even go on bad dates on their behalf, so they don’t have to go through all that hazel. We optimize your chances of finding your ideal mate by narrowing down your choices based on your shared value, goals, lifestyle, character traits and physical appearance

We Value your privacy and safety

Confidentiality and discretion are our number one priority. Your profile with your file and photograph will never be made public. What can be more personal than finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your information will only be shared with the matchmaker working with you and to a potential match. So be rest assured that at Viana, you are in great hands.

We work with Quality clients as opposed to Quantity

We personally screen the clients we work with to make sure they meet our highest standards. We vet them just for you and saves you the chance of dating a bunch of singles that has no potential or are not the right fit for you. Our clients are relationship ready and have all aspects of their lives together. They have invested in our services with the intention of finding that special someone.

We Value our Personalized approach

By working with our clients on a one-on-one base, and meet them in person, you will be working with a team of professionals that have your best interest at heart. We take our time to know our clients and what they are looking for in a partner to help serve them right. We build a relationship of trust and confidentiality with our clients and guide them throughout their membership with us. Our goal is to make sure we match them with individuals that has the highest chances of success.


More advantages having Viana find your match

  • Search and vet matches
  • Invested singles
  • Relationship coaching
  • Image Consulting
  • Human touch, compatibility-based, not computer-generated matches
  • Saves time, energy and even money in the long run
  • We have what it takes to help you find your perfect mate
  • Prep before meeting your date and post-date feedback

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